London - 1999

1999 was the year in which the Asia Pacific Panel for the first time participated in the yearly conference of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS). The theme of the workshop was 'Government Reform in Japan.'

In Japan, a drastic restructuring of central government Ministries and Agencies was expected to be implemented in January 2001, the beginning of the new century

23 ministerial-level organizations were to be reduced to 13. The Japanese government had never experienced such a drastic change in peacetime. In this workshop, we briefly introduced the contents of that reform and exchanged views.

The following papers from the workshop are available online:


Government Reform in Japan

Ms. Yuko Kaneko, Management & Coordination Agency, Government of Japan
July 1999

Full text

PowerPoint Presentation (with notes)


Some Points for "Independent Administrative Corporation" System

Toshiaki Matsuda, Management and Coordination Agency, Government of Japan
July 1999


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